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2018-07-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I was in traffic on July 8 at the corner of East and West and Mill Road, and there was a truck stopped at the light and a dog ran under the truck, causing traffic to back up. People tried to get the dog out from under the truck, and a woman called the police to direct traffic. We were stuck in traffic more than 20 minutes with no sign of any police. Finally, a woman got a leash and rescued the dog, and traffic resumed. Where were the police at 10 a.m.? I don’t think they would have been that busy on a Sunday morning.

.Did Sheila Meegan learn her lesson from the library community center building fiasco? No. She’s looking for more ways to spend our tax dollars. She’s now looking for input from the community. She wants to grow, grow, grow and build, build, build when the community wants to lower taxes. Sheila, you were elected to represent the people, not to put forward your own agenda. Do your job. West Seneca taxpayers, let’s vote her out come the next election when we can.

.I see the Highway Department is going to buy trucks. So we are going to borrow money to pay for these trucks. Even though we have the money, we are going to save it for a rainy day. But we'll pay some interest on a loan when we don’t have to. Why don’t we wait for that rainy day, then borrow the money? It would make more sense; that way, we wouldn’t have to pay interest, but that’s the financial genius Mrs. Meegan. I can’t wait for the next election.

.So the town is going to buy two garbage trucks. I totally agree that we need them, so let’s buy them. But if everyone remembers, Mr. English and the Town Board said our next garbage trucks would be tote-loading friendly (one man on the truck grabbing the totes and loading garbage, eliminating helpers). We are buying the wrong trucks. If it’s going to cost a bit more to get the correct trucks, let’s spend it.

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