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2018-03-22 / Letters to the Editor

Those voting no on center are shortsighted

Now that the anti-library/ community center project has been halted, let’s look at the ramifications.

First, the money already allocated and spent, and contractually obligated, goes down the drain. That project will be an albatross on the back of the citizens of West Seneca for years to come. It will stand as a reminder to the nearsightedness of some people in the town.

We’ve been bombarded by criticism that appears weekly in Bee Heard about how much our taxes will go up and how many people will move out of town due to this “extraordinary” tax increase.

None of this criticism mentions that New York State refunds a certain portion of property taxes paid, both school and town/county. In my case, I received a $107 rebate from the state to alleviate property tax increases in 2016. A similar rebate will be offered in future years. Has anyone taken this fact into consideration?

Lastly, as anyone who follows school budget votes knows, every election has about 400 no votes to purchase replacement buses for our kids’ transportation to school. That expenditure carries no increase in taxes. Yet, some people still vote no.

Will these no voters vote yes on completing the Community Center Library project? Not likely.

Phil Fanone
Lowell Lane

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