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2011-09-15 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

  • Just as President Obama inherited President Bush’s mess, Supervisor Piotrowski inherited the AmeriCorps fiasco. All of the past and some of the present board members are not without blame in the AmeriCorps matter. The present supervisor inherited the mess while the prior and some present board members did nothing about it until some past employees in the AmeriCorps office pushed for an audit. That’s when auditors from New York came to the rescue. I believe this is a political distraction to discourage people from voting for the present supervisor.
  • I find the term “being scammed by Wallace Piotrowski and Eugene Hart” particularly offensive. Just because they weren’t picked by the Democratic Committee is no reason to feel that these people are not qualified or do not have the best interest of our town in their hearts.
  • To me, political signs are democracy in action. They are the epitome of our American right to free speech. I applaud my neighbors who choose to engage in the democratic process by supporting candidates for political office.
  • To all the voters in West Seneca, I pray you read the very disturbing article in The Bee regarding Supervisor Piotrowski’s attempt at covering up his latest deception of the voters. His lawyers, the most expensive in Western New York, convinced the judge to seal the guilty verdict until after the election. Call him and let’s see him get out of this one. West Seneca needs an honest new leader with vision.
  • Kudos to Tony Rome’s in West Seneca. When exiting the 400 on Union Road, I couldn’t help but notice how great Tony Rome’s looks, a very nice welcome to West Seneca.
  • I thought there was a noise ordinance in West Seneca, but it just seems like the dogs can bark all day and all night. There is no quality of life and when you call the police or dog warden, it is only temporary.

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