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2011-09-15 / Letters to the Editor

Bee editorial unfair to town councilman

I think the Dale Clarke Bee editorial (“Residents can see through political agendas,” Aug. 25), was unfortunate and unfair. The Bee editor certainly seems more interested in propriety over substance, as she did in a previous editorial about Daniel Warren’s use of a Facebook account to spar with the town GOP chairman.

The reference to the parental adage that “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” can easily be turned around to “what is most important is the substance of what you say, not necessarily how you communicate it.”

The matter of the $20,000 in unauthorized pay was properly handled in public session because the matter Clarke was calling attention to was not a “trivial [personnel] issue.” Comptroller Robert Bielecki and possibly the employee in question knew they were doing an end around Town Board policy. In fact, there is a deeper issue of criminality involved.

The “one resident who ... called [Clarke’s] behavior an ‘unprofessional, disgusting display of politics’” is irrelevant to an editorial. The Bee editor should more properly explore the points of contention within the town than attack someone’s style of presenting them.

In fact, the resident in question is a Town Board regular who routinely rides shotgun for the supervisor. In fact, Gene Hart, a Town Board candidate and ally to Supervisor Wallace Piotrowski, deceptively and fraudulently references this quote as coming from the Bee editor by saying “The Bee couldn’t have better expressed his opponent’s conduct” in his campaign literature.

The Bee didn’t express it — the Bee editor quoted a resident as saying it. The irony here is that Hart’s claim to fame is forensic audits, which involves the discovery of fraud.

Gary Schoene
Schultz Road

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