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2012-10-18 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.West Seneca Central Schools are crying they are going broke and they are cutting jobs and hours. Well, why is it that taxpayers’ dollars are paying the salaries of the buildings and grounds workers to transport the West Seneca West marching band trailer back and forth between the school and the Allendale tennis courts?

.How long are TV sets going to be sitting on the side of the road by people’s garbage? Apparently, West Seneca is not picking them up with the garbage, and they didn’t tell anyone or residents didn’t read about it. You can see about 10 TV sets at curbs in the town; shouldn’t someone pickup these TVs? It looks like a junkyard.

.Regarding the matter of garbage totes, I recently saw two rats within a week in the town. Other towns have implemented garbage totes; let’s for once be proactive with this and stay ahead of the curve.

.Residents, please take notice that Sheila Meegan’s budget for 2013 proposes that her secretary would see her annual salary jump from $44,296 to $62,150. There is going to be a public meeting on Monday, Oct. 29, at 6 p.m. I would advise all residents to take notice of this insane amount of proposed annual increase for a supervisor’s secretary and object to this, so this is not in our 2013 budget.

.I would hope the salary quoted in the 2013 budget article for Supervisor Sheila Meegan’s salary going from $44,000 to $62,000 is a typographical error.

.We voted once to downsize the town board in West Seneca. Overwhelmingly, the people said to downsize. Now we have three inept people on the board, who get nothing done. It’s ridiculous to add two more people who will probably be as inept as them. We voted once; we do not have to vote again.

.Sheila Meegan should explain why her secretary in the tentative budget is getting a $17,854 increase. That’s $946 less than the supervisor is making. I’m curious to know, too, if the other elected officials in the town received increases. An explanation is needed to public taxpayers for this huge increase.

.Really? Mrs. Meegan’s secretary will make $18,000 more in next years’s budget? She will make more than the town clerk and be only $1,000 less than the supervisor. What is going on in West Seneca?

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