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2012-10-18 / Business

West Seneca staple celebrates milestone

Schwabl’s Restaurant, a locally owned and operated family restaurant, recently celebrated its 175th anniversary.

In celebration of the anniversary, several local elected officials gathered at the restaurant to present proclamations and certificates to the current owners Gene and Cheryl Staychock.

“Schwabl’s Restaurant proudly supports locally owned and operated business, which are the backbone of America,” said Gene Staychock.

Staychock purchases just about everything for the restaurant from local suppliers and businesses.

“I make sure our purchases stay right here with the other hard working, locally owned and operated businesses in our region,” he said. “We support them like they have supported us. We are not like the chain restaurants where their profits and purchases go through a corporate office out of the area. We take care of our own and our customers feel the same way.”

According to its website, great-grandfather Sebastian Schwabl settled on Broadway in 1837. His four sons continued to operate various restaurants.

There was also a Schwabl’s at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901. Ray Schwabl Sr., after being in the restaurant business for four years in Buffalo at Humboldt Parkway and East Ferry, moved to Ebenezer (West Seneca) in 1942.

Its 1905 cash register has been restored and refurbished.

The restaurant has received numerous local awards, and was named West Seneca Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in 2010.

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