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2016-06-16 / Editorial

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West Seneca Editor

PRAYERS FOR ORLANDO — Again this week, America has identified itself as the land of mass shootings with the tragic event in Orlando, which followed closely the shooting death of singer Christina Grimmie.

Once again, the American public is speaking out on where the core of the issue lies. Gun control? Gun rights? Mental health? Religious extremism? Terrorism? All of the above.

Our nation is proving again and again that we cannot separate these issues from one another, and even worse, the government does not appear to want a separation.

In full disclosure, I am not a gun enthusiast.

I am, however, a person who believes human lives should be more important than holding onto weapons — and believe it or not, the shooters in both instances were American born, citizens who legally acquired their weapons.

My heart is breaking as we relive the narrative of so many previous events, the worst in my opinion being Sandy Hook. If the lives and safety of innocent school children is not enough to spark change, then the lives of more than 50 gay individuals targeted in a massacre certainly won’t be.

As a young person in this country looking into my own future, I am not comforted by this image. I am frightened for all our fates if change does not happen swiftly, and if our history stands true, it won’t.

This is the message we are choosing to send the world. This is what America means.

My thoughts and prayers are with those suffering in Orlando. May the victims and families find peace, tolerance, justice and hope in our coldhearted world.

ATTENTION SINGERS — The Buffalo Choral Arts Society, a 120-member community chorus under the direction of Marcia Giambrone, will hold auditions for its 2016-17 season on Thursday, June 23, at the Ebenezer United Church of Christ, 630 Main St.

The society is actively auditioning for all vocal parts.

Prospective auditioners should prepare a solo from any published source that best exemplifies the singer’s range, tone and interpretive qualities. Pitch matching, range exercises and sight reading will make up the rest of the audition.

To schedule an audition, call Nancy Cannizzaro at 847-6930 or 856-1357, or visit the society’s website and fill out an audition form at www.buffalochoralarts.org.

The Buffalo Choral Arts Society encourages all singers impassioned with the choral art to consider becoming a member of this prestigious community chorus voted “Best Vocal Ensemble” in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 by Artvoice and its readers in its annual Best of Buffalo contest. The society is a proud member of Chorus America.

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