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2016-06-16 / Letters to the Editor

Bus purchase protestors need to know facts

It seems that yearly, after the school budget vote, someone calls Bee Heard and complains about the need to replace old school buses, most of them with over 100,000 miles on them.

We know the old comment: “Some buses have a few kids in them and why spend money on buying new buses? Let the kids walk to school like I did 50 years ago. I walked to school 5 miles each way and uphill going and coming back.” Anyone who believes this drivel also believes that since all dogs have four legs and all cats have four legs that all dogs are cats.

I’ve addressed the topic of replacing school buses several times, but the Bee Heard caller forgets the reason why it’s necessary to replace them. So, let’s go over them for the umpteenth time.

First of all, these buses are bought with funds already in the district’s coffer. The district receives money from the state after the district buys new buses. What’s so strange about this? The district has made very clear in its budget presentation that the cost of these buses has no impact on school property taxes. What part of “no impact” does the Bee Heard caller not understand?

Secondly, the Bee Heard caller claims that he sees buses with a few kids in them. Did he ever think that maybe the bus dropped off some kids by the time the caller sees the bus? And don’t tell me the caller sits at a school parking lot and counts how many kids ride a bus. It’s possible that the kids who rode the bus to school may be in after-school activities and take a late bus home.

I have a suggestion for the Bee Heard caller. Why don’t you devote more time to more meaningful activity? There are lots of places in town that can use volunteers to help in their locations.

Philip Fanone
Lowell Lane
West Seneca

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