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2017-03-30 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Why has the format of the West Seneca School Board meetings changed?

.As a West Seneca resident and an attendant at several school board meetings, I am shocked and embarrassed by the behavior of some school board members.

.As a West Seneca parent who just registered their child for pre-K, I am dismayed to find that I have less of an input than in years past. Previously, I was virtually assured of the pre-K site, but now I had to rank-order my nine locations, which has complicated the process. As a working parent, I find myself unable to plan for transportation.

.Where is the data that shows that families in West Seneca are demanding more programs and outside facilities and daycare centers?

.Glad to read about that tank coming to West Seneca. I was a member of a tank crew in Korea and glad to hear that it’s coming to West Seneca.

.I love the recent letter to the editor by Mr. Fanone. He is a longtime community advocate and has been a good supporter of public education, but I disagree with my friend, Phil, and his argument that because his taxes went down, every else’s has. Not all of us get STAR rebates and other exemptions accorded to certain members of the community: the veterans’ tax exemption. I appreciate his advocacy, but Phil, my friend, you are wrong. The School Board continues to raise taxes and results have plummeted. Period.

.West Seneca residents who don’t utilize our library don’t understand what a much-needed improvement this will be for people of all ages who enjoy our library’s resources. My husband and I don’t use the ice rink, but if tax dollars are needed to improve conditions here, I wouldn’t protest them. Use our tax dollars to benefit our entire community.

.I see Ms. Meegan decided she can’t fix the Burchfield Center because it would be the taxpayers’ money and we just don’t have it. What about insurance? Why don’t they go back to the person who inspected it 16 years ago and ask him to help pay for it? Maybe if they were doing their jobs in West Seneca we wouldn’t have these problems. Everybody knows everything. But when it comes down to it, the taxpayers are the only ones that pay for all the mistakes in this town.

.I’m 65 years old and never heard where you need two men on the back of a garbage truck for safety. Why do the other companies have only one man on the back? The man for safety should not be handling the totes; he should be watching the other guy’s back so he can holler for him to get out of the way if a car is coming toward the back of the truck. If he and his partner can work four hours and get paid for eight, he’s not there for safety if he’s dumping totes. Maybe we should outsource our trash and garbage pickup.

.To last week’s caller about the universal pre-K registration, I’m not sure what your experience was or the way you said it was, but my experience was fantastic. The person answering the phone was well-informed of all the options and all wrap-around care, now with additional sites on the east side of town. That’s huge to working families.

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