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2017-07-20 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.How can someone turn a residential property into a commercial business with a big garage and plumbing trucks going in and out all the time? What’s up with that, West Seneca?

.Sheila Meegan, where are you? We saw you in the newspapers all the time when you wanted a raise. We don’t see you telling us what’s happening in the town. I think we forgot about the town since we got our raise. Please, come out and tell us what’s happening with Burchfield and everything else in the town.

.It was with sadness, dismay and not just a little anger that we noticed this morning that some beautiful trees are being cut from the apartment complex at the corner of Seneca and Mill. We’ve been here 40 years and watched most of those trees grow; a lot of them were gorgeous sugar maples. Hopefully, there was a good reason to cut them; if not, shame on whoever did it. If they can be replaced, it would be wonderful; you would add something to a town from which I’m sure you take a lot of income. If you don’t live in West Seneca, shame on you for taking down trees and then going home to your nice home probably in Orchard Park, East Aurora or Hamburg, leaving us with a stripped apartment complex on the corner. Be a good neighbor; replace the trees.

.I would like to know why the Town of West Seneca constructed a baseball diamond in Firemen’s Park on East and West Road approximately 20 feet away from the busy highway. There is no barrier between the outfield and the street. I would like to see the town erect permanent barriers to protect us from some senseless injuries.

.To last week’s caller asking about the mistakes in the yearbook and why no one spoke on this issue at a board meeting, the last board meeting was early June and the yearbooks came out in late June. Given the fiasco that happened tonight at the board meting, there certainly wasn’t any time for questioning, since the board was in executive session for almost an hour, which is again ridiculous and a waste of taxpayers’ time and energy. Call and ask either West Seneca Senior where the marching band picture is, or East Middle about their front page. You’ll see the mistakes.

.Thank you to the West Seneca Police Department for its increased presence on Mill Road during the Queen of Heaven Carnival. Without sidewalks, it makes it even more important that traffic be calmed for a safer and more fun experience for everyone, and they did a great job. Thanks again.

.Why are federal employees, like mail carriers, allowed to smoke while they are in the mail truck or on the job?

.During the summer, I wish people would stop blocking the sidewalk part of their driveway. My grandchildren are off of school and we love to go around the block, but we have to almost go into the street between two parked cars to do this. Please park your vehicles in the street during the day when there are kids off from school.

.I went to the pool the other day to see how poorly the restrooms were; most of them had caution tape, toilets were filled and they were in unbelievable condition. Then, in the shadow of a $13 million building, the library, which is shocking to me that it’s built right on the road and taking all the green space, I drive down the street and remember that the Burchfield Nature and Art Center was not maintained by the current administration; that’s why the ceilings are falling in, because it had flat roofs. The former administration, or Paul Clark, used to have the roof shoveled off during the winter. So this administration and the Piotrowski administration did not do anything that needed to be done to save that building. Now they are building more and not maintaining what they have in the pool and/or the Burchfield.

.I see the West Seneca School Board came through. We fired our superintendent who we were paying $750 a day, but we won’t give taxpayers an answer as to why we fired him. Wasn’t he doing his job? Did he not want to give teachers what they wanted? Maybe someone ought to tell taxpayers where their money goes, and how we waste it and why we got rid of the man. Don’t keep it all to yourselves; share the good news with us.

.I am a concerned resident of Seneca Creek Road. Coming out of Seneca Creek Road at the Union entrance trying to make a right turn, I noticed it’s difficult to see through the tall grass and the screening surrounding the new fire hall that is being built there. How much longer will it be before the gates are taken down and when they will be able to cut the grass? It seems to be a traffic hazard.

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