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2017-07-20 / Local News

Heavy rain handled by town


About 3.5 inches of heavy rain fell in West Seneca last week, causing some minor flooding throughout the town.

Despite the amount of rainfall, Supervisor Sheila Meegan said none of the creeks reached the point of flood stage and no pumps were needed for water mitigation.

“Buffalo and Cayuga creek were nowhere near flood stage,” she said. “If we anticipated it at that halfway point flood stage, absolutely they would have rolled them right up and in, but it wasn’t going to happen.”

The supervisor said she didn’t hear of any major issues.

“It was an incredible downpour. Center Road was under water,” Meegan said. “We had a lot of overflows throughout the town just due to the enormity of volume that, not just us, but every municipality had.”

Meegan said entering her own neighborhood was difficult because of flooding.

“Within 24 hours everybody was right back to normal. There were a few areas where the ponding was greater than others, but, I think we fared well as a municipality as far as calls,” she said.

The supervisor said she received about a half-dozen phone calls, to which she responded immediately, and a few emails regarding the flooding.

“Everybody was in really good spirits, considering,” she said.

Any additional manpower was allocated to the town’s pump stations or to removing debris, which could clog sewer lines.

Meegan said she attributes the success following the rain event to training, direct chains of command, slip-lining to produce positive flow and the efficiency of the town’s response system.

“I think we really have this type of weather event within our control, even though it was excessive as far as the level that came down,” she said.

Incredible workers and helpful neighbors didn’t hurt either, the supervisor said, adding to how well the rainfall was handled.

“We have no control over Mother Nature. We just work with her,” Meegan said.

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