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2018-01-11 / Education

District names November Students of the Month

The following West Seneca high school students have been named Student of the Month for November in these specific academic subjects:

East Senior

Samantha Kalinowski, art; Andrew Beehler, business; Katherine Dixon, community service and citizenship; Jasmine Klumpp, English; Ashley Switzer, health; Arsela Farsi, math; Samuel Holdsworth, music; Rachel Dijoseph, physical education; Jonathan Pasternak, science; Mina Mohammed, social studies; Matthew Reinard, technology; and Carly Vella, world language.

West Senior

Kimberly Ryniec, art; Katelyn Urbanczyk, business; Michael Crawford, character and citizenship; Lauren Allan, English; Brittany Moran, health; Elizabeth Solomon, math; Charlotte Buechi, music; Daric Rivera, physical education; Kaitlyn Joyner, science; John Velasquez, social studies; Cody Chambers, technology; and Kelsey Kohl, world language.

Each month, the high schools recognize students whose coursework and high level of commitment to their respective specialties set them apart, and their achievements and dedication are acknowledged by the school and community.

To recognize them properly, their photos are displayed in their respective schools, as well as at The Market in the Square. This program is funded by local businesses.

Sponsors for the 2017-18 Student of the Month are Sgroi Financial, LLC; West Seneca East Student Council; and West Seneca West Student Council.

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