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2018-01-11 / Front Page

District launches new website


Visitors to the West Seneca Central School District website may have noticed something is a little different. A new site launched Jan. 1, bringing the decades-old site into 2018 technology standards.

The site is now mobile compatible, clean and easier to navigate, with outdated information removed and updates incorporated.

During Monday night’s School Board meeting, Jonathan Dalbo and Scott Firkins presented new features the community should take advantage of and stressed the need for feedback on any aspects that aren’t user-friendly.

“It’s not just a couple people working on a page. It’s a comprehensive site, and it’s really the front door of everybody’s school, of our district,” Dalbo said.

Dalbo said the best new features of the site include a fixed channel bar that’s navigable from anywhere on the site, links directly to social media, and the ability to translate the entire site into many different languages.

“We want to make sure our website is accessible,” he said. “The feature runs the site through Google Translate, and it changes everything. A lot of our families that might speak another language as their first language can now find information through our website.”

There is also a PDF viewer, which allows visitors to look at or view documents as they choose, popular links in the center of the page connecting to the district calendar, contacts and the parent portal, as well as a responsive design.

“Whether it’s an iPad or an Android phone, that responsive design really makes it easy to navigate if you’re on the go,” Dalbo said.

Additionally, each individual school page is set up to reflect the culture of that school and the navigation needs of those visiting the page.

Dalbo said they will continue working out issues with the site and finish transferring items left for review during the overall site transfer. He said they will partner with BOCES moving forward and will take advantage of in-depth staff-development opportunities.

“Phase two — if we had a drum, we’d do a drum roll — part of this deal, and it’s not ready yet, but we do get an app. So we’re going to work with the vendor to develop a West Seneca Schools app.

“We’re excited about the website. It’s going to be a work in progress, but it’s a great starting point to the new year, a nice, new, fresh look,” Dalbo said.

To see the new website, visit www.wsc schools.org.

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