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2018-06-14 / Local News

Gallivan proposes higher fines for violators of state’s Move Over Law

Sen. Patrick Gallivan is working to crack down on those who violate New York State’s Move Over law.

Gallivan has recently introduced a bill that would increase penalties for those convicted of violating the law, which requires drivers to slow down and switch lanes when approaching law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks and ambulances, as well as tow trucks and construction and maintenance vehicles stopped along the roadway.

According to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office, the law was first established in 2011 to protect law enforcement and emergency services personnel. It has since been expanded to include a greater range of emergency and hazard vehicles.

Currently, those who fail to abide by the law are subject to fines ranging from $150 to $400 and up to 45 days in jail. Gallivan’s bill calls for higher fines as well as a mandatory six-month revocation of a driver’s license when the incident causes serious physical injury or death.

“The Move Over Law was adopted to help protect police, first responders and other safety personnel while assisting motorists along the side of the road,” Gallivan said. “Unfortunately, too many drivers ignore the law or are unaware of the rules. In addition to increasing the penalty for those who violate the law, we need to do more to educate drivers about the importance of slowing down and moving over when approaching an emergency vehicle, construction vehicle or tow truck.”

The legislation also requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to establish a public information campaign to educate drivers of the seriousness of violating the law and the dangers first responders face on a daily basis.

The New York State Troopers Police Benevolent Association and the Empire State Towing and Recovery Association both endorse the legislation.

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