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2018-08-09 / Local News

Lease agreement with Enterprise Fleet Management approved

County vehicles will soon be replaced with leased vehicles following the unanimous approval of a 10-year lease agreement with Fleet Management by the Erie County Legislature.

According to Legislator Joseph Lorigo, who represents West Seneca, the agreement will modernize the current county fleet program and will phase out 395 vehicles during the next five years, including mostly vehicles in the Public Works and Parks departments.

From the Sheriff’s Office, 187 vehicles will be phased out in the next four years. Lorigo said the plan is estimated to save $4 million, including lowered cost for maintenance and fuel.

“Many of these vehicles are old and have suffered a great deal of wear and tear,” Lorigo said. “This will provide employees with modern, more efficient transportation. I strongly support a measure like this to provide our county employees with much-needed upgrades while saving taxpayer dollars.”

“Our county employees and members of the sheriff’s department deserve safe, reliable vehicles,” Legislator Edward Rath said. “This deal will not only provide that, but it will lower costs on the hard-working taxpayers of Erie County.”

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