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2018-09-13 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

They did a poll on Mix 96. Well, they found out that West Seneca teachers are the highest paid in the county. A real surprise. Let’s see, I pay high pensions, and I’m still waiting to see West Seneca schools in the top 10 rankings. I know we won a football championship, but that isn’t education. Maybe we ought to start cutting teachers’ salaries and putting a hold on their pay raises like the federal government wants to do. Maybe they would start to teach, our children would be educated and they would deserve the money they receive.

To the caller complaining we have the highest-paid teachers in Western New York, are you aware that at the graduations for both East and West high schools more than $1 million in scholarships were awarded to our graduates? How is that possible, you wonder?

Every time I go into a store to shop, everyone is asking for money. They are collecting for this or that. What happened to being self-sufficient? We baby these people and give them everything from birth until they die. I’ve never seen so many collections in my life to help people who can’t help themselves. Yes, there are people who need help, but the system is getting worse and worse. I do not think you should be asked every time you go anywhere.

I believe the West Seneca Town Board intentionally pulled a big switch on West Seneca taxpayers by pretending to engage a company to enlarge our library when all along they intended to build a new building to house offices and more. They knew the new building would never be approved by taxpayers, so they decided to use subterfuge to get the building built. I think the Town Board should be impeached.

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