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2018-09-13 / Local News

License plates commemorate 9/11 attack, provide scholarship funds

Legislation creating a new license plate commemorating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has been signed into law. According to state Sen. Patrick Gallivan, the bill was passed by the full Legislature earlier this year. The bill also creates the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship Fund to assist families of those killed in the attacks.

“We must never forget the lives lost on that fateful day when our nation and, in particular our state, was attacked,” Gallivan said. “These commemorative plates honor those who died and the sacrifices made by their families while serving as a reminder of the courage of those who responded.”

New Yorkers will be able to request the special plate for a $25 fee charged for commemorative plates. A portion of the fee will be used to provide scholarship money for the families of the victims.

The plate is expected to carry the official symbol of the Sept. 11 memorial in Manhattan, which includes images of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and an image of the American flag.

The legislation was co-sponsored by Gallivan.

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