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2018-10-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Another bad accident on Southwestern in West Seneca this morning. The stretch of Southwestern running between Milestrip and Transit is 55 mph. The other side of Milestrip it is 50. Once you hit Transit, it is 45. Significant development along this strip of road has delivered a significant increase in traffic accidents. Coffee shops, strip malls, RV sales and apartment complexes have been built without any thought to traffic safety. Most recently, a new Dollar General was built with one entrance/exit onto Southwestern at a curve in the road that is an accident waiting to happen. Why was this building allowed to be built without a second exit onto Angle Road as a requirement? At a minimum, speed limits need to be reduced to 45 mph along this strip of road and traffic-calming measures need to be introduced before someone is killed.

.I remind the Bee Heard caller objecting to the improvement project in the West Seneca schools, please read the article in The Bee regarding the cost of the project. It’s not a $75 million burden on local taxpayers. Over 70 percent of that comes from the state as a grant, then additional money will be used from the reserve fund, and if you look at the numbers, you will see that the actual cost is well over $20 million spread over 20-30 years on bonds, and the cost is practically negligible. Please be informed before you make up your mind about voting no; that’s the least you could do

.Concerning the district’s proposed capital project, in the Bee poll in August, 50 percent said yes and 50 percent said no in supporting it, and in our schools today, our superintendent talked about the proposed project and he is going to lump everything into it, so you can’t separate whether it’s going to be roads, buildings, supplies or computers for the kids, including the Astroturf for both West and East football fields, for $75 million. Who’s going to pay for that, $75 million? There’s no way they’re getting all that funding from the state, and it will come from our taxpayer dollars. People who want to buy new homes avoid West Seneca because West Seneca taxes are so high, and they are going to continue to go higher with having luxuries like turf fields in both West and East football fields. Those are not necessities in life. We should be looking at what our necessities are, and it should not all be lumped in one capital project. We need to inform our superintendent that things should be separated and not lumped into one.

.Just to set the record straight: Voters of West Seneca, West Seneca schools, the taxes will not go up. You can’t compare that to the town.

.I don’t think Canalside is good place to put a new convention center. There is too much going on at Canalside. They are smothering the place. The best place to put a new convention center is to renovate the old one, knock down the Statler and expand the current convention center all the way to Delaware where the Statler stands.

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