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2018-11-08 / Sports

Staffers expect low-scoring affair against Jets

Bills predictions

Sunday’s loss to Chicago was another ugly chapter in what has been an offensive disaster of a season for the Bills.

Buffalo was held to a single-digit point total for the third game in a row and the fifth time this season. That’s unheard of in the 21st century NFL. The offense turned the ball over four times, including three more Nathan Peterman interceptions.

The Bills finally scored a touchdown, albeit long after the outcome had been decided.

The team will now turn its attention to the New York Jets, who have had turnover problems of their own. Rookie quarterback and third-overall pick Sam Darnold threw four interceptions against the Dolphins Sunday and has had the turnover-prone label since his days at USC. However, it’s still not clear who out of Josh Allen, Nathan Peterman, Matt Barkley and Derek Anderson will start at quarterback for the Bills.

The Jets are certainly not as formidable of a foe as New England or Chicago, but with how the Bills have played on offense, will that even matter?

• The good news for the Bills is they are in for a much easier matchup than last week. The Jets have been turnover prone on offense and haven’t exactly been world-beaters on defense.

But you don’t have to be great or even good to stop this pathetic Bills offense, even if Nathan Peterman is back to his rightful spot on the bench.

The Jets were also among the teams that took a quarterback in the first round of this year’s draft, ending up with Sam Darnold. The results have been a mixed bag so far. He’s shown a lot to like, but he’s been turnover prone and occasionally ineffective.

Still, this is a road game for the Bills and they entered the week without a clue of who among the four of Peterman, Derek Anderson, Josh Allen or Matt Barkley will start the game. It seems certain to be another ugly offensive performance.

The defense comes up with a pick-six, but it isn’t enough as the offense struggles again. — New York Jets 13, Buffalo 7 Taylor Nigrelli, Sports Reporter

• Did the Bills just have a bye this past week? Oh that’s right, they tried to act like they were a competent NFL team and embarrassed themselves against the Bears.

The Buffalo offense stepped up its horribleness for another week and was a joke. It’s hard to believe the Bills have won two games this year.

The good news is their opponent this week, the Jets, are almost as bad with a 3-6 record.

Bills coach Sean McDermott has not ruled out Josh Allen against the Jets. Not that he’s a miracle worker, but at least he can get valuable playing time against an equally bad team.

I think the Bills hang around, but still lose a horribly played game by both sides. — New York Jets 13, Buffalo 9 Patrick Nagy, Sports Reporter

• At least this clunker isn’t going to be nationally televised.

Anyone who still has faith in “The Process” is either an old-school fan who continues to believe that the running game is the best path to success despite all the evidence to the contrary, or is just a glutton for punishment. Injuries aside, this season was shaping up to be one where “The Process” had the Bills on the path to taking a step backwards after ending the long-standing postseason drought in 2017.

It wouldn’t matter if Buffalo had Jim Kelly in his prime behind this patchwork offensive line; whoever has the misfortune of lining up under center this season has exactly zero weapons at his disposal. With no receivers capable of making even the routine catches — when the ball isn’t being intercepted — and a supposed running game that struggles to post 50 yards on a consistent basis, it seems to me the best course of action would be to truly make this “One Buffalo” and borrow the Sabres’ tanking strategy of a few years ago to try and get someone, anyone, to help this pathetic offense moving forward.

Losing this week may be a challenge considering who the Bills are lining up against, but I’m still confident Buffalo will find a way to maintain its status as the laughing stock of the AFC East. — New York Jets 10, Buffalo 6 Jason Nadolinski, Sports Reporter

• How much more of this do we have to watch?

Seven games into the season, watching the Buffalo Bills has become an arduous task.

Each week the team comes out and seemingly puts on an effort more appalling than last week’s.

It doesn’t seem to matter who is playing quarterback or lined up at wide receiver, this is easily the worst Bills team in decades.

The Bills will head this week to play the New York Jets. The Jets are not a great football team, but even they show more signs of life then the Bills.

Like the last few contests, this will be barely watchable, so give me the Jets at home. — New York Jets 16, Buffalo 6 Chris Graham, Orchard Park Editor

• What more is there to say about the Bills this season?

Most fans weren’t expecting another run at the playoffs, but they also weren’t expecting this level of ineptitude. The offense is historically bad, and the one possible bright spot, rookie quarterback Josh Allen, is still on the shelf.

Buffalo heads into their Meadowlands matchup as 7-point underdogs to the Jets. The Jets have had their own stretches of miserable quarterback play this season compliments of rookie Sam Darnold, who, for all his promise, has picked up where he left off at USC in terms of turnovers.

The Bills will keep things close, but unless Buffalo can nab a score on the defensive side of the ball, it’s hard to see them winning with how bad the offense has been. — New York Jets 23, Buffalo 16 Bryan Jackson, Cheektowaga Editor

• Another week and another blowout loss for the Bills. We are starting to run out of things to say about how bad this Bills offense truly is. The Bears are a good team, but being down four touchdowns at halftime is inexcusable.

In a season where offenses around the league are scoring touchdowns left and right, the Bills are still stuck in neutral. It’s officially time to start thinking about 2019.

The Jets game will be pretty much unwatchable. It’s hard to have any faith in this coach, GM, or “The Process” when you are constantly losing games by more than 20 points. — New York Jets 22, Buffalo 14 Nick Konotopskyj, Reporter

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